ATOM&ANAGRA presents

ARTOM at courtyard hiroo

12/5 (FRI)-12/12(FRI) 1pm-9pm





2014 12/5 (FRI) 6pm-9pm






Art is everywhere around us and with us, but do we really notice it ?
Let’s make Art enter our everyday life.
Let’s catch up the beauty of art.
Let’s reveal a new way of watching, a new way of buying, a new way of decorating our houses and a new of enjoying art in our everyday lives.
Variety of Art will be available, and you will be able to enjoy different forms of art and different ways of buying and acquiring art. You will be able not only to buy beautiful pieces of Art such as paintings and but also to rent big pieces of Art.
Athletes, business men, artists and everyone who likes or wants to discover art will be able to come across each other, meet, talk, interact, exchange and expand their world and network in Hiroo Courtyard.
Everyone, people from different backgrounds who don’t have many chances to usually interact will be able to connect to each other and share their common interest for Art and design in Hiroo Courtyard.


〒106-0031 東京都港区西麻布4-21-2 2F
コートヤードHIROO 2F



2F 4-21-2 Nishiasabu Minato-ku 106-0031





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