レイト ナイト レクリエーション 1

Sat 3rd May



Music ・Craft・Art ・ Recreation


初めてLNRとしてのコンセプトパーティーを開催します。 音楽、美術、コミュニティの点に基づいたソーシャル的な集合をベースに、毎回新鮮なレクリエーション活動を加味したパーティーシリーズがいよいよ始まります。















東京出身のアーティスト Yasuhiko Fukuzonoによるソロ・プロジェクト。


2004年よりaus名義 で活動開始後、海外レーベルを中心に4枚のフルアルバムをリリース。

これまでにSummer Sonic、SonarSound Tokyo、De La Fantasiaなど国内を代表する音楽フェスティバルに出演、今年3月には全18都市22公演のヨーロッパツアーにて、Ulrich Schnauss、Fennesz、Matmosらと共演するなどワールドワイドな活動を展開している。今春Tujiko Norikoやmatroshkaなど、これまでに提供したリミックス・ワークをまとめたアルバム『ReCollected』(plop)をリリースし た。






これまでにanbb(alva noto & blixa bargeld),mika vainio, Mark Fell, Frank Bretschneider,Mark McGuire etc…数々の来日アーティストのフロントアクトとしても活躍。

2010年OPTRON奏者、伊東篤宏とのユニット”ultrafunctor“を経て、 2011年には自身のレーベルsludge-tapesを立ち上げ1stEPリリース、BLACK SMOKERよりリリースATSUHIRO ITO/Midnight Pharmacistのサウンドエンジニアを手掛ける。2012年HEADZよりリリースのsuzukiiiiiiiiii×youpy『sxy』に remix収録。2013年daen V.A inner tape、sludge005 Steven PorterとのスプリットRestored / Wasteをリリース



Late Night Recreation 1 The first of many concept parties. Each night engendered by an activity and music of an eclectic, body moving variety. Recreation For night one we invite all to indulge in the ambiguous leisure of 'craft-work', autobanhn and everything. The idea being this; we construct an environment wherein one can booze, one can dance, and if one feels so inclined, one can express themselves through visual mediums at ease using tools of their own of that we provide. Music Residents; Raised and braised in a cosmic stew marked by notes of Chicago's Traxx of Nation Records, and the whole Basic Channel spice cabinet, their's is a curry of a unique flavour. tom from Manchester and jr from NYC, be sure to say hi to them. Tom: https://soundcloud.com/tentrack/009-tom-houghton aus; aus is the solo project of Yasuhiko Fukuzono of Tokyo, Japan. Fukuzono started making music for experimental films when he was still a teenager. As aus, he has performed live since 2004, including sets at SonarSound Tokyo, Summer Sonic Festival, De La Fantasia Festival along with many international artists such as François K, Haruomi Hosono (YMO/Sketch Show), Matmos, Fennesz, Chapterhouse, Ulrich Schnauss, AGF, Daedelus, Luke Abbott, Towa Tei, Helios etc. Fukuzono has gained attention worldwide through his skillful and delicate sound production, exquisitely combining electronics with sounds from daily life. The music video for the track 'With Rain' (included in the album Curveland) made by TAKCOM was nominated in the music video category at the world famous visual festival Aurora 2007 (along with Beck, Zero7 and Subtle). As a DJ, aus has made mixtapes for i-D Magazine, The FADER, The 405, Fluid Radio and International Tapes. info: http://www.flau.jp/artists/aus.html Miclodiet; Born in Tokyo, miclodiet is a techno and noise artist who has been active since 2007. During his career he has opened for a number of artists touring Japan, including anbb (Alva Noto and Blixa Bargeld), Mika Vainio and Mark Fell. When producing, his innovative approach combines audio feedback and rhythmic intensity—all courtesy of the Machinedrum. He also runs a label called Sludgetapes that has quietly been leaking curious joy into the ether for the past decade, and should totally be on the radar for any fans of Oval, Ryoji Ikeda, John Zorn, or abstraction in general. info: http://sludge-tapes.com/


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